B & G Auctions

Saturday May 19 9:30 am 
Sale Site: 431 West Market Street Preston, Iowa

Due to the sale of Preston Meats Wholesale and Distribution to Kuna Food Service, we are selling some extra equipment, truck and trailer parts and miscellaneous items.

Lan Air MX 300 Waste Oil Furnace
Several Totes of used Oil
Semi Tires, Trucks and Miscellaneous Tires Biggest Tire 285/75 R/24.5 and smaller
Clark LP Fork Lift
Small Reefer Motors
Electric Pallet Jack 
Hot Water Heater
Several Large Ammonia Compressors
Several other Compressors
Two Metal Desk
Several Pallet Full of New Truck and Trailer Parts
Battery Charger
Bolt Bin
Misc. Iron Pieces
Wringer Washer
Space Heater
Several Partial Barrel of new oil

Extra Meat Equipment:
Biro Meat Band Saw
Vertical Cutter Mixer
Meat Racks
Cheese Shredder
Meat Slicer
Smaller Electronic Scale
Shopping Cart
Meat Table
Stainless Steel Tubs and Carts
Toledo Scale
Large Window Air Conditioner 

Auctioneer Note: lots of misc. to numerous to mention. They will be several items for metal buyers.
Terms: Cash, Check Nothing removed until settlement 
Statement made day of sale takes precedence. 
Auctioneer: Loren Bormann 563-689-3222 or 563-210-2032
Clerks: B&G Auction